These examples show some of the many possible configurations.

Compact Homes is a playground for designers and planners.

1. Detached

Double hinged patio doors. Side windows.

Own vegetable cultivation on the roof. 

Transparent solar panels as a canopy.

            12,5 m2                        25 m2                        37,5 m2                         50 m2                          50 m2                         62,5 m2

Curved roof

Any roof shape, other than flat uses extra space and is more complicated to manufacture.

This curved roof needs a minimum of space and yet gives an elegant touch.

Additional (half covered) pergola or closed glass house.

Home office

On the roof


In the mountains

Multi floor

A multi floor home uses extra space for the stairs.

However is saves building ground.

Ground floor

Floor 2


           25+25 m2                                        25+25+25 m2                                    37,5+37,5 m2                              37,5+37,5+37,5 m2

2. On the water

On a concrete container Compact Homes becomes a fully fledged houseboat. 

Garden on the roof. 

It is possible to create a community with interesting formations of houseboats.

      25 m2                             37,5 m2                                                    50 m2                                                               62,5 m2

3. Community

The modules can be stacked into a social community. 

Each has his own terrace with complete privacy.

External stairwell and elevator on the North side. 

Public space in the centre.

            12,5          25           37,5         50          62,5        75 m2

4. Urban

The internal public stairwell fits exactly in half a module.

Tea for Two fences and balconies at the front. 

In the back balconies at full width.

         62,5 m2         49,3 m2         55,3 m2

5. Senior

Tea for Two bay windows at the front. 

Groceries on the ground floor.

Square for social interaction.

Windmills on the roof.

                                                          50 m2                 37,5               25

6. Care center

Light, air and green under the skylight.

Comfortable for wheelchairs and staff.

Communal (dining) hall with sliding doors.

Light in the basement.


1st floor

2nd floor


7. Hotel

Reception and rooms on the ground floor.

Vertical gardens against the side walls.

Micro suites facing North.

                                          12,5 m2 

                                          25 m2 

8. Flex

25 m2 solid core. Additional 12,5-25 m2.

Adding 25 m2

9. Small Enterprise

Art gallery, Office hub, Yoga studio, Dance studio, Shop, Family hotel, combined with living.

Internal private stairwell for multi floor dwelling and internal elevator  for the family hotel.

C-shaped module to achieve a spacious studio.

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor 4

Floor 5

Floor 6

Roof terrace

Apt 4

Apt 3

Apt 2

Apt 1

Art gallery

Roof terrace Apt 1+

Apt 1


Roof terrace Dance studio

Apt 1


Roof garden Dance studio

Apt 1+

Apt 1

Roof terrace Yoga studios

Apt 1


Roof terrace 

Hotel 5

Hotel 4

Hotel 3

Hotel 2

Hotel 1


10. Tower

The massive CLT-system is stackable to over 20 floors.

The single apartment wings offer panoramic views. 

The glass core makes the tower slim and easy to blend with nature.

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