Materials and added elements determine the exterior panels and the whole building.

The most visible part of a building is the front.

Changing elements and materials will 

1. Foundation

2. CLT module

3. Exterior panels

4. Roof

5. Gable endings

6. Annex

7. Green house

8. Interior finishing

9. Green

10. Extensions

The modules feature

•    Built in furniture

•    Built in installations

•    Exchangeable

•    Expandable

•    Stackable

Added elements

•   Canopies of translucent solar panels

•    Greenhouses on the roof to grow vegetables

•    Roof gardens

•    Galleries and stairwells

•    Tea for Two fences, balconies and bay windows

Adding different elements give numerous combinations.

In 1994 I won the Public Rotterdam Design prize with Tea for Two balconies. 

My first compact design still sells after 25 years.

With pre-installed anchors Tea for Two elements can be added at any time.

A happy customer on his Tea for Two balcony, mounted in one day.  

Like with Compact Homes, the furniture is integrated and some elements may vary.

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