The modules are constructed of the nature friendly and massive CLT-system

strong enough to stack up to 20 stories. 

Outer panels and roofs are mounted on site around the CTL core. 

The panel materials may vary, making all projects unique. 

All elements are prefabricated and transported over the road.  

Compact Homes is turnkey within a week after the foundation is ready.

The modules are exchangeable, expandable and stackable.

1. Foundation

2. CLT module

3. Exterior panels

4. Roof

5. Front & back

6. Added elements

7. Green house

8. Interior finishing

9. Green

10. Extensions

Modules include

•    Fixed furniture

•   Installations

•   Finishing

Added elements

•   Canopies of translucent solar panels

•    Greenhouses on the roof to grow vegetables

•    Roof gardens

•    Galleries and stairwells


The facades  determine the character of the exterior.  

The standard facades are prepared for Tea for Two fences, balconies and bay windows.

The easy to mount/replace facades may even be entirely designed by the resident.