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Compact Homes

the balance between comfort and footprint

Square meters

In the Netherlands a single person lives on average 65 m2 according to CBS

The Housing Act prescribes spacious dwellings that only a few can afford to build, while building ground is scarce. Smaller living is obvious. 

Compact Homes brings 65 m2 comfortably down to an average of 37,5 m2.

For everybody

The Compact Homes universal floor plans suit everybody.

Being smaller than a conventional house and easier to manufacture, 

Compact Homes is cheaper, takes less space and comes within reach of a large audience. 

The modular structure even makes temporarily housing possible.

Simple and diverse

The modular system consists of simpel elements that can be composed into many shapes and materials. This makes Compact Homes suitable for many, in any environment.


In the Netherlands there is an enormous demand for housing.

Needless to say that the market for Compact Homes is huge.

Compact Homes is ready for industrial development.


The Compact Homes concept is copyrighted (cc proof).

This launch  is the moment to consider participation. 

Entrepreneurs, builders and architects are invited to collaborate.

Prototypes can be ready by the end of 2021.

Production can start by the end of 2022.

Pieter van Gendt

Inspires and monitors during the development phase

•    Advisers

•    Groundplans

•    Simplicity

•    Diversity

•    Aesthetics

His task should be completed before the production phase.

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