Universal floor plans

Compact Homes is designed from inside out, storage included.

The size of one module is net 500/250/260+ cm.

The modules form floor plans, so logic that one can wonder how else?

Applicable for single students up to couples with 4 children or whole communities. 

This example of a floor plan consists 4 modules, giving 50 m2 living space. 

Extra modules

The compact floor plans can be extended with an extra module for

•    Leeway in the layout

•    Own furniture 

•    Wheel chair services

•    Entrance on the long facade

•    Interior stairwell


Most of the space has multiple purpose.


Ceiling closets for installations and beddings.

Hanging closets for tableware, books and as display cases for memories. 

Movable flatscreen in front over the big closet at the end.

Master bedroom

450 mm walk space around the double bed of 1600 mm wide.

The hanging closets are high enough to sit in the bed comfortably.

Children’s bedroom

Two beds of 900 mm wide and two comfortable desks.


Shower and toilet are separated by figured glass. 

Vertical sewer between the windows. 

Compact but comfortable

No need to give up your way of living.

Internal stairs

Stairs consume space, but careful planning  can use some of it.

Floor 2

Spacious bedrooms, possibly with a bathtub.

Floor 3

Pergola and glass house .

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